Budget & Pricing Tips for Your Holiday in Indonesia

Travelling in Indonesia can be considered cheap. If you got your bucks well collected, there is nothing to worry about once you exchange it to Rupiah (Indonesian currency). However, you still need to manage your budget well. These are things that commonly cost you while you are travelling.

1. Accommodation

Hostels sometimes value around 120,000 IDR for an edifice. For a personal double, costs begin around 200,000 IDR. Free wifi and free breakfast are quite common. Generally, prices are significantly lower outside of the main cities. You’ll book your hostel with Hostelworld. Since hostels and homestays are thus low cost, tenting is not terribly common unless you’re on a trek.

Most budget hotels begin at 200,000 IDR per night for a double area. This may usually include free wifi and breakfast. For a chain edifice, prices begin around 400,000 IDR per night. Use Booking.com as they systematically come the most cost effective rates. Airbnb is widespread, with shared accommodation averaging around 400,000 IDR per night and entire apartments, expect to pay at least 400,000 IDR per night.

2. Food

Street food is very low cost, with street food cost accounting under 20,000 IDR. For a cheap meal at a neighborhood restaurant, prices begin around 14,000 IDR. For a meal at a mid-range restaurant for a nicer meal, drinks, and service, expect to pay the maximum amount as 80,000 IDR. Western food is way costlier however continues to be comparatively cheap at around a hundred 25,000 IDR for a meal and drink. Nourishment will value around 45,000 IDR. A brew at the bar will value around 30000 IDR whereas a week’s value of groceries will value between 300,000-400,000 IDR (However, food within the country is incredibly low cost and that i would encourage you to eat as typically as attainable as kitchens ar onerous to come back by).

3. Transportation

For traveling between islands, ferries value around 70,000 IDR (and up) for a price ticket from East Java to West Island, and therefore the rates go up from there for alternative routes. Associate in an eight-hour journey on a bus prices around 70,000 IDR. Nightlong buses will begin at around one hundred 30,000 IDR. Flights to and from the country are implausibly low cost, with unidirectional tickets to Singapore cost accounting as very little as 250,000 IDR. A unidirectional price ticket to Australia starts at 500,000 IDR.

4. Activities

Attractions aren’t vastly expensive. You’ll pay around 220,000 IDR for entrance into Bromo-Tengger-Semeru parkland and therefore the same for Bunaken. Borobudur prices 275,000 IDR. The noted Mt. Batur hike is between 500,000-900,000 IDR.

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Suggested daily budget = 400,000-670,000 IDR / 30-50 USD

Note: this can be an advised budget forward you’re staying in an exceedingly hostel, ingestion out at a budget markets and street stalls, keeping your drinking down, not taking expensive tours, and victimization native transportation. However, if you keep in admirer accommodation or eat additional typically, expect your variety to air the upper (or way on top of it).

Money saving tips:

1. Eat the road stall

You’ll obtain tasty native fare for beneath 20,000 IDR. Street facet snacks, soups, and noodles will keep your notecase fat and your belly full! Markets are your best bet for locating seriously low cost food.

2. Always bargain (if possible)

Nothing is ever at face worth in Indonesia. Cut price with sellers as most of the time the value they’ve quoted won’t be the value you’ll pay if you bargain!

3. Don’t be afraid with local transportation

Local transportation can be extremely cheap. They usually call it “Angkot”. It’s basically a car. Of course, you need to take a bigger effort to use this transportation as it has short tracks, which means you need to take more than one cars in order to get to your destination. Plus, don’t take the wrong cars as you will get lost even further than what you think. However, local people are nice. So you can ask them which car to take. It is easy as the car is color coded based on the destination.

Or you can simply use Go-jek or Grab (most popular online transport in Indonesia) just like Uber.

Those are things you need to pay attention about budgeting before travel. Even if Indonesia has cheaper price for everything, going there with wrong management can take your money out before you even know it. So, manage your money well while you are staying there and have a nice tropical holiday.